Yongnuo YN900 II 5500K LED Light Equipped U-shaped Bracket 360 degrees fill light for Professional photography

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  • Measures: 15.7 x 17.7 x 3"
  • Beam Angle: 55°
  • Includes Remote Control
  • AC Power Supply
  • NP-F Plates for Optional Battery Power
  • 900 LEDs, 6975 Lumens
  • Mobile Phone Control App

The Yongnuo YN900 II is the super powerful LED video light developed for the professional photographic requirement.The YN900 II is with huge fill lighting angle,accurate color temperature,equipped u-shaped bracket,360 degrees fill light and practical powerful features,which suitable for all kinds of photography sites and meet your lighting needs.

Supper-max supplementary lighting area

390mm opposite angle diameter light panel with 900 pieces ultrahigh CRI, high Brightness, accurate color temperature LEDs, makes the supplementary lighting more powerful, outdoor and indoor photography benefit from each other.

YN900 II is equipped with professional u-shaped bracket and can be 360 degrees adjusted for convenient and quick light angle adjustment. The YN900 II will grasp every fill light angle in your shooting.

It could control the LED video light through the mobile phone APP.It can respectively control 8 groups of luminance and power switch of the video light,allows you control the LED video light as needed,easy to complete the photographic needs. It is equipped with multichannel wireless remote control, supports eight groups of LED light frequency control, allows you to adjust more easily.

Adopts Yongnuo exclusive LED constant current drive technology,definitely not appear the corrugated,stroboscopic and other negative phenomena when shooting.

Adopts LED digital display, display more stereoscopic, and the power output is more intuitive.




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