Yongnuo YN85MM F1.8S DF DSM Auto Focus Wide-Angle Prime Lens Full Frame APS-C Frame Portrait Lens Compatible with Sony E-Mount Camera

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  • Flexible use of F1.8 large aperture, easy to obtain soft blur effect, you can also use low sensitivity and higher shutter to shoot in low light environment, it adopts an optical structure of 9 lenses in 8 groups, and the lens has a nano-multilayer coating process, which can effectively increase the light transmittance and suppress back-light ghosts and glare.
  • YN85MM F1.8S is designed with 7 circular aperture blades, it can shoot circular diffuse spots. It can also take pictures with 14 star effects if the aperture is appropriately reduced.
  • It's designed for full-frame Sony E-Mount cameras, supports Auto Focus and Manual Focus, it's quipped with quiet DSM stepping motor, can quick start-stop response, high focusing accuracy, and quieter focusing action, which is suitable for photo shooting and video recording
  • The lens is equipped with a low-dispersion glass lens, which can effectively suppress the dispersion problem, and it also supports USB Type-C firmware upgrade, you can download the latest firmware to upgrade the lens to keep the lens at its best performance
  • The lens adopts high-precision metal bayonet and gold-plated contacts, which can effectively improve signal conductivity and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it can maintain reliable communication between the camera and the lens, and realize functions such as auto focus, aperture control, and EXIF information transmission.



















































































































































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