Yongnuo YN50MM 50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens for Canon EF EF-S Auto Focus DSLR

  • ₱8,700.00


  • F1.4 Bright & Large Aperture -Real bokeh background blur helps to highlight the subject easily. Even in low light environment, you can take photo with low sensitivity and relatively high shutter speed.
  • Electromagnetic Aperture -Support M/Av/Tv/P/B shooting modes.
  • 7pcs Diaphragm Blades -Help to take picture of circular defocused spots or 14-star effect.
  • Live View Focusing(LV) -When LV is ON, it can focus from special angles, or focus precisely from the broadened view on the display screen.
  • Auto & Manual Focus -This can meet different shooting needs. And there is built-in focus distance indicator to help you judge the focusing distance in manual focus mode.
  • Glass Optical Lens, Multi-layer Coating -Effectively increase light transmittance and control backlight ghost image and glare.
  • Gold-plated Contact, High-Accuracy Chrome-Plated Metal Mount -It’s wearable, corrosion-resistant, and highly consistent with the camera.
  • USB Firmware Upgrade -You can download the latest firmware and upgrade this lens through the USB port to keep the best performance and compatibility of this lens.
  • Perfect for Bokeh Effect



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