Sevenoak SK-F2X Follow Focus Pro Quick Release Dampen Follow Focus A/B Hard Stop with Gear Ring Belt for DSLR Canon Nikon Sony

  • ₱3,400.00

Sevenoak SK-F2X is a professional but convenient-to-use follow focus built out of anodized aluminum construction. It is designed to attach to a standard 15mm support system with a quick release clamp which allows you to simply release one knob with simple twist and hinge the follow focus unit aside to access the lens without any obstruction while changing lenses. If the new lens has a different diameter, SK-F2X Follow Focus can be easily hinged in place to accommodate the new diameter of the lens with a one hand operation. Also, when the gear is not at the same distance, the unit can be moved forward/ backwards, left/right easily without breaking down the whole kit. SK-F2X also features a height adjustable and exchangeable drive gear, so you can also adjust the height of the gear according to the height of the lens/camera, and you can also have the wheel spin whichever direction you prefer for pulling focus. The entire setup can be mounted either to the left or right of a lens depending on your needs/preference.Sevenoak SK-F2X also built with two adjustable hard stops to limit the focus draw between two desired points which can be placed independently; this is particularly convenient when using lenses that do not have hard stops on the focus ring.


  • Designed with quick release clamp
  • Two adjustable hard stops
  • Height adjustable and exchangeable drive gear
  • Flexible and adjustable (left and right) locking system
  • Mounts onto 15mm rods support system
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Removable magnetic marking disc
  • Can be mounted on either side of the lens










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