Pxel AA-UC6 Clip Holder with U/C Clamp for Photography Reflector Studio Shooting Light Stand Tripod Boom Arm, Background Support

  • ₱250.00


  • This handy clamp clip holder with U-clamp is great for everywhere, outdoors, sports, vacation.
  • Rubber caps on the clamp can securely protect the equipment
  • The clamp can be used for clipping background cloth on background support stand, tripod, light stand, pipes or board to mount photographic equipment.
  • With a 360 degree swivel head makes you a comfortable use, which is convenient for adjusting shooting angles.
  • Note: Light stand and reflector are not included.


 U clamp(6) U clamp(8) U clamp(3) U clamp(4) U clamp(5) U clamp(7)


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