Meike MK-7DL / BG-E7 LCD Vertical Battery Grip Hand Pack Holder for Canon 7D Camera like BG-E7

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  • Vertical Battery Grip for the Can on 7D functions as both a high capacity battery pack and a vertical grip.
  • It can hold 6 AA batteries or two LP-E6 Li-ion batteries, doubling the battery capacity of your camera. Vertical shutter release button on the Battery Grip makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position much easier, adding stability to the camera.
  • In this professional edition, it comes with several functional buttons as the flash above showing. It will be much convenient while using.
  • Having the same function as Canon BG-E7.


  • Hold 6 AA batteries or 2 LP-E6 Li-ion batteries.
  • Extra CR1620 coin battery provided to power the LCD, so the grip clock won't be affected when camera batteries was took off.
  • Vertical shutter with half-press function. More comfortable vertical shooting.
  • Doubling the battery capacity of your camera, effectively extend your shooting time.
  • Professional edition with vertical-grip shutter-release button, Main dial, AE-L button, Index/Reduce button and AF point selector button.
  • Tripod screw mount.


Package Includes: 

  • 1 x LCD Battery Grip for Canon C anon 7D
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x User Manual in English/Chinese
  • 1 x Original manufactory package

MeiKe MK-7DL MK-7DL LCD Battery Grip for Canon EOS 7D





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