Joby 1502 GorillaPod 500 Flexible Mini-Tripod For Smartphone, Actiona Camera, Video Camera

  • ₱1,800.00


  • Can be used with point-and-shoot cameras, portable lights, and any other gear weighing up to 1.1 lb
  • Flexible legs made up of joints that allow you to bend the tripod for better stability and wrap it around sturdy objects
  • Built-in ball head with 90° tilting for portrait shots, attaches to your equipment via standard 1/4"-20 mount
  • Compact and lightweight at 2.8 oz, can be transported in a small bag or easily carried in your hands or pocket
  • Rubberized joint rings and feet to provide better security when dealing with difficult surfaces.

A compact and versatile option for supporting your gear, the GorillaPod
500 Flexible Mini-Tripod from Joby has legs made up of several
joints that enable you to wrap it around objects and adapt it for use on uneven
ground. With a load capacity of 1.1 lb, it can reliably hold most
point-and-shoot cameras and video lights. A weight of only 2.8 oz makes this
tripod easy to carry while travelling, allowing you to fit it in a small bag or
even keep it in your pocket.

Built into the GorillaPod 500 is a small stainless-steel ball head capable of tilting 90°
for portrait photography and featuring a standard 1/4"-20 screw, which is
used to attach to your gear. To help improve its grip and stability on unstable
surfaces, the joints and feet of the stand are rubberized in certain areas. The
rest of the tripod is made of a proprietary ABS plastic designed to provide
durability and stable performance.









































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