ATC Hand Held Refractoemter 0~32% Brix 1.000-1.120 Beer Wort SG Specific Gravity

ATC Handheld Refractometer 0~32% Brix 1.000-1.120 Beer Wort SG Specific Gravity

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Refractometer measures the Brix and Specific Gravity of your Wort or wine. Measures Brix: 0-32% and Specific Gravity:1.000-1.120
Features ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) for accurate readings.
A refractometer is easier and more accurate than a hydrometer for measuring sugars.
This refractometer is for measuring the sugar content of beer and includes an automatic temperature compensation of 10 - 30 degree Celsius. 
This refractometer can replace your hydrometer for easier and more accurate measurements. Simply use the dropper to take a sample of wort and put it on the prism. 
Then hold the refractometer up to the light and look through the eyepiece.
Due to the dual scale there is no need convert to specific gravity as the scale measures both Brix and SG.


  • Model: RHB-32SGATC
  • Measuring Range:
  • Brix0-32%
  • Wort S.G.1.000-1 .120sg
  • Resolution
  • Brix0.1%
  • Wort S.G.0.001sg
  • Accuracy: Brix0.1%
  • Wort S.G.0.001sg
  • ATC: Yes
  • ATC Temp: 0-30°C
  • Dimensions: 24.5mm*170mm
  • Weight: 0.13kg

Packaging Content:

  • 1*Refractometer
  • 1*Mini-screwdriver
  • 1*Pipette
  • 1*Wiping cloth
  • 1*English Instruction manual
  • 1*Hard Case box 








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