Andbon AB-30C Dry Cabinet Box 30L Liters Digital Display with Manual Humidity Controller

  • ₱3,550.00


  • It adopts the latest TE Cooling wafer design, Moisture will be condensed and frosted immediately on a collecting board, the frost on the collecting board defreezes to water.
  • which is absored and given off naturally when flowing through guide holes, thus achieving dehumidification effect.
  • Product description
  • AB-30C Digital Display Cabinet
  • Product Model :AB-30C
  • Capacity :30 Litres
  • Adapter :Input AC 110-220V Output : DC 5V 2A
  • Power consumption :3.5 W/h
  • Moisture control range :25%-60% RH
  • Moisture control :mechanical - rotary knob 5 stepless adjustment (A\B\C\D\E)


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